Dried Slice Konjac


My Konjac tuber process and it will produce good quality chips which are as follows :

  • Konjac Tuber washed / cleaned of soil by water / water can be sprayed with high pressure, can be a tool for Konjac tuber washing machine.
  • Once a new drained chopped with a thickness of approximately 0.5 cm. Chopping can use manual or machine using chopped.
  • Do the drying of one should not accumulate because it can be attached to one another. must use pads or wedek can also tarpaulins important clean and did not stick tanah.Pada first day of drying should be in alternating every 3 hours. so slimy pores close in both color sisi. dan its results can be nice and clean
  • The second day onwards dried overlap is not a problem. dried in the sun to dry up (dry fracture) long depending hot sun .catatan should not be in contact with water, rain water.
  • After being dried in the wind aired several hours . After was packed in plastic sacks in warehouse should be given a placement. For logs / pallet as a pedestal for her and should not be piled up against the wall. function to avoid damp and cause mold.

Konjac Slice Dried  Specification :

  • Konjac Slice Dry moisture content 12% / dry broken with a slice thickness of around 0.3 cm
  • Clean of soil and dirt
  • Not moldy
  • 100% is Konjac Amarphopallus oncophilus
  • Packaging plastic bags 50 kgs

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